Basement Remodel

Revamp your home by revamping your basement!


Basement Remodeling

A basement is a multi-purpose and unique space in your house. Although homeowners hardly use a basement, it is essential to keep your home structure stable.

Basements are unpleasant, dark, and damp storage places to hide broken knick-knacks, but you can renovate them and make a pride of your home. We can be the top name to call if you’re hunting for a reliable contractor for your basement renovations in Ottawa projects.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise will provide a furnished basement, enabling you to create an extended living space in your home. Our team of professionals will help you renovate, remodel, and light up your dark basement.

You will find numerous basement remodeling contractors in Ottawa, but our quality-enriched and high-end services differentiate us from the competitors. We have the art, skills, and tools to beautify your house’s basement, kitchen, bathroom, and other areas.

Turn your dark basement into a shining star with our custom remodeling solutions!

Comprehensive Basement Finishing Services In Ottawa

We can help you with your several basement remodeling and renovation projects, such as:

Light Up Your Basement
Get a pristine look for the basement if it is damp and dark. We can adjust a large or small window in your basement to allow a maximum portion of natural light to come in.

Basement Finishing
We start your basement finishing Ottawa project from scratch, such as hanging drywalls and installing plywood floors. We can also install an outlet, or ceiling or reroute ductwork if needed.

Adding a Bathroom
Adding a bathroom can transform your basement into a semi-private living space. Adding a new bathroom to your basement is challenging, but our professionals will manage everything without creating any mess. Our expert plumbers will also help you with your all-plumbing needs.

Basement Renovation and Demolition Services

Our team is equipped to not only transform your basement into versatile sections like a laundry room, playroom, or home office, but we also offer demolition services. This allows you to fully renovate and reimagine your basement space according to your preferences and needs.

basement remodel
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Why Choose Our Basement Renovation Services

The following reasons will encourage you to call us for your next basement remodeling and finishing project:

  • We use mold-resistant and waterproof products to design your basement’s roofs, doors, and ceilings.
  • Our experts offer professional installation services to make your basement renovation project more effective.
  • We offer custom-designed plans to provide renovation services matching your desires and tastes.
  • We are transparent about what we offer and what we charge.

You can’t find a better deal for a successful basement renovation project than us. Contact us today for a free quote for basement remodeling and finishing projects.

Basement Renovations Ottawa Cost

The cost of basement remodeling in Ottawa depends on what type of renovations and extensions you want. For example, you can decide on the following basement finishing ideas: playroom, office space, guest room, additional bathroom, additional bedroom. We will take the time to do an accurate price quote for you so that you can build your dream basement. Depending on your choice, we can turn your basement into an income property or guest room.

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

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Our experts walk in hand with you to ensure that all the necessary selections and designs are in accordance with your expectations.