5 Bedroom layout ideas to make the most of your space

A modern bedroom layout

Bedroom layout ideas are an essential part of any bedroom design. How your bedroom is arranged will have a huge impact on the functionality of your space so it’s important to get it right.

Whether you’re looking to create your restful sanctuary or planning a space to accommodate guests, the key to a successful bedroom design is balancing practicality with style, and luckily there are plenty of ideas that marry the two.

Finding the right bedroom layout ideas can be a daunting task as there are an infinite number of ways to arrange a bedroom depending on the size, shape, and specific function of the room. Whether you’re looking to create a large and luxurious master bedroom or small bedroom ideas, the best place to start when it comes to how to design a bedroom is to make a floor plan, say the experts.

‘We typically start by collecting the dimensions of the bedroom to help us determine what we can fit into a space without it feeling crowded,’ says Bria Hammel, creative director of Bria Hammel Interiors. 

‘We first take into consideration where the windows, door frame, and/or fireplace are located. This will help us determine the natural flow of the space. Next, we’ll section off the space dividing it into bed/nightstand area, dresser/closet area, and lounge/sitting area.’

Once you have a clear floor plan it will make it easier to determine the flow of the space and where to position your furniture. 

blue bed in center of the bedroom
blue bed in the center of the modern bedroom

When designing a bedroom layout the most important decision to make is where to position the bed – being the largest piece of furniture in the room it will have a big impact on how the space functions, looks, and feels. 

‘When designing a bedroom, the bed always goes first and you design around it,’ says Interior designer Esther Dormer. ‘The most typical bedroom layout has the bed headboard facing you as you enter the room.’ 

It’s also important to think about the size of the wall the bed sits against and other architectural features in the room explains Bria Hammel, creative director of Bria Hammel interiors. ‘In most of our bedroom designs, the bed is positioned on the main, longest wall with no obstruction. If a bedroom has a fireplace, we love to place the bed on the opposite wall and ensure that it’s in alignment with the fireplace.’

Make The Most Of Beautiful Views
Make The Most Of Beautiful Views 

There’s nothing like waking up to a beautiful view to put you in a good frame of mind for the rest of the day, so if you’re lucky enough to have a country bedroom with beautiful views then be sure to position the bed with a clear line of sight to the window to make the most of them. Take care to create a bedroom layout where the furniture does not obscure or obstruct the window – and choose window treatments that can easily be pulled back.

seating Area in the bedroom

If you have a large bedroom or are looking for main bedroom ideas then why not consider creating a relaxing seating area? 

Having an additional seating area alongside the sitting room offers an extra place to escape to at the end of the day, especially when you want some quiet time away from the bustle of the main household. If adding a seating area consider arranging it near a window where views can be enjoyed.

A modern bedroom with a white bed and a window.
A modern bedroom with a white bed and a window.

Whether used to curl up with a good book before bed or to enjoy aerial views of a garden, adding a window seat in a bedroom is a brilliant way to enhance a restful sanctuary. If created by a bespoke joiner, the seat can be fitted perfectly around the architecture but can also be designed with a chest underneath and a lift-up lid in order for it to double as a bedroom storage idea.

dressing area in the bedroom
dressing area in the bedroom

If space allows consider dedicating an area of your bedroom layout to a dressing area. No dressing room idea is complete without a large mirror and dressing table – for a chic, streamlined look consider fitting a table between built-in closets as done here in this design by Gunter & Co, and be sure to include a stool for perching on while fixing hair or make up as well as a comfy chair to sit on while putting on shoes. Where possible it’s a good idea to position a dressing table near to a natural light source.

What Is The Best Way To Layout A Bedroom?

The best way to lay out a bedroom will depend on many factors including the size, shape, and purpose of the space – for example, a master bedroom will have different layout requirements to a guest bedroom or a child’s bedroom. ‘The layout will also depend on what storage requirements you need, but also whether the room needs to fulfill any additional functions,’ says Sarit Marcus, professional interior designer and founder of Minted Space.

‘Will there be a sitting area? A desk? A musical instrument? Once you have determined the various uses for the bedroom, creating a balanced layout and determining the focal point are key elements to establishing a cohesive layout.’

While the type of the bedroom will determine the layout, some design principles are common practice among many interior designers.

‘A classic layout that we typically follow is to put your bed in the center of the most visible wall, and add two nightstands to either side if you have the space,’ says Anna Franklin of Stone House Collective. ‘I recommend putting the bed in the center of a main wall, and whenever possible, ensuring that it does not block any windows.’

Similarly, Bria Hammel explains that ‘in every bedroom design we create, the bed is positioned on the main, longest wall with no obstruction. If a bedroom has a fireplace, we love to place the bed on the opposite wall and ensure that it’s in alignment with the fireplace.

Being restful, relaxing spaces, symmetrical layouts are a good choice as they bring harmony and balance.